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MTA on the Grid

Proposal to bring the New York City subway system into the twenty-first century by implementing a series of digital services. Through research and consumer insights, we developed four digital services and designed a marketing plan on getting New Yorkers to back the cause and support these implementations. This project was created for a marketing, PR, and branding class at Parsons taught by Hala A. Malak.

Parsons School of Design

Second Year

Fall 2014



Entire project

We consolidated the project into this booklet, containing our research, findings, consumer insights, the digital services we propose, our game plan, creative brief, branding, marketing plan, and communications strategy.

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The Services

Fixing the New York subway system is an impossible task, we quickly realised that what we could do is make is easier by implementing digital services. Through research we realised that New Yorkers want cellular underground, an easier way to refill their Metrocard, digital service change notifications, and charging stations.


It is very important that we establish a strong brand identity which New Yorkers could familiarise with quickly. In our logo, we incorporated several elements such as the 'm', the connectivity symbol, subway lines, and the idea of moving forward.


We created sub-brands for each of the four services we seek implementation, each is its own project.


Seeing as we were targeting New Yorkers, we aimed to be relatable, approachable, and casual. We developed a creative marketing plan split in two phases. The first phase aimed at shattering the status quo and open people's eyes to the problems. The second phase focused on introducing our cause and offer viable solutions to the problems we presented in phase one.


We wanted to get New Yorkers involved in the campaign as much as possible. to highlight the problem – before we offer the solutions – we created a series of fun stickers, using humour to raise awareness of the current situation.

Video ads

Video advertisement is another method we used in our communication strategy. These ads illustrate the problem, the solution, and why we should implement these changes.





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